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Stairlifts Glasgow: Industry Specialists in the Supply and Installation of Stair lifts  chairliftglasgow

Stairlifts Glasgow have a broad range of new stairlifts available to suit your needs. A stairlift is an important technological invention that enables people who face challenges with mobility to quickly move between different floors in their homes. For seniors, they’re able to help for all those facing mobility difficulties and prevent dangerous falls. Recently, the amount of manufacturers has significantly increased, meaning the prices are becoming a lot more competitive, and the homeowners have a lot more selections. In the past, a stair lift was considered a luxury for only the wealthiest homeowners, these days’ prices are becoming surprising affordable.

Reading reviews and when researching different models, you’ll see many different names including chair lifts and stair gliders. There are also specialized versions including wheelchair stair lifts and platform stair lifts, which are effective at taking a wheelchair. Nonetheless, many platform stair lifts aren’t installed on the inside of a residence, which means there will undoubtedly be additional home alteration prices entailed.

A Wide Range of Models Available at Stairlifts Glasgow

Straight Stair lifts

Additionally, there are various types available for purchase depending on whether you’ve got a curved staircase or straight stairs. Straight stairs models are usually the cheapest to install since curved stairways will generally be custom made. Straight lifts usually are quicker only because they’ll demand fewer customizations to fit as well. The difference in pricing between a straight stair lift and curved can be significant. To get a straight stairway you’re able to get one installed for as little as £1500.

Curved Stair lifts

You might have to cover as much as £10,000 and occasionally, even more, to get a custom made curved stairlift. The railings will be designed, so they curve with the smallest radius possible in case your stairs is arch and wrap snugly around posts and other objects.

Outdoor Stair lifts

Outside lifts come in a vast assortment of styles today and are utilized for many essential uses. It’s important to consider only the very best quality lifts available, should you want a backyard stairlift. In the end, outdoor stairlifts are often subjected to harsh climate conditions and need to be able to resist the elements and still stay dependable in their functioning and support for many who need aid.

What features are available?

Power Source

You should be aware there are many important features to take into account when research alternatives. You are required to decide what type of power supply you will end up using, to start. You’ll possess the choice of AC or DC power for a lot of models. Using AC often leads to many problems in the event you reside in an area with power outages although this may seem convenient. Where an individual struggles to leave their house in the big event of a crisis, relying on AC power may result in a dangerous situation.

For this reason, today most owners picked utilizing a DC (direct current) version that relies on battery power to maneuver the chair lift. With most versions, the unit is established, so the batteries will automatically recharge themselves using the dwellings power supply, but the chair lift will continue to be readily available for use in the function of a power outage.

Drive or Carriage

One other significant factor when buying a stairlift is how it will operate as the drive (or carriage) that transfers the chair along the rails. Some drives may be a bit jerkier than others, so in case a smooth ride is crucial to you, you’ll want to study these different alternatives.


handicap stair lift in useRegarding relaxation, you may want to contemplate the seat on the unit you purchase as well. Most versions are going to have a seat that comes with a footrest and also both arms. When the lift is in use, the seat on some models swivel, which will be a pleasant addition, although you might want to be sure it locks.


You are also going to wish to pay attention to the type of controls which are accessible. Most manufacturers now offer remote controls in addition to arm controls. A remote control will allow someone else to operate the stair lift if needed readily. Some may also come for those who are visually impaired with special audible controls.

Added safety features may also be important.

Getting a quote for Stairlifts in Glasgow

When getting a quote from Stairlifts Glasgow for a stairlift to be set up at home, be sure you’ll not be doing the installation yourself as that this comprises setup prices. It is advised to have a stair lift installed by a professional considering that the installation is a reasonably complicated process and if you try to install them yourself and you will invalidate your guarantee. There is also the chance of getting a grant from Glasgow City Council to help you with the cost. For more information on how much it might cost, be sure to get a free quote today.